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Thread: GNOME Display Settings Now Working On Wayland

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    Default CSD vs SSD

    I have been reading and thinking about CSD vs SSD a long time and this is what I think:

    +Simplifies Wayland implementations
    +Cleaner speration of conserns, a compositor shouldn't do any rendering of gui
    -Can't impose graphical conformity regarding to decorations, the user experience can be confusing if every Application/toolkit chooses to go their own way
    +Better model for a voluntary graphical conformity , a system "GUI theming and settings" system that is toolkit agnostic giving applications and toolkits information/hints how to render in a conforming manner

    +Impose Conformity and make the user experience less confused and integrated
    -Adds complexity for the Wayland implementation and do break separtion of conserns
    -Harder to implement custom GUI design - for a minority applications and use cases the "GUI defaults" are not an optimal solution

    I think KDE's decision to use SSD in KDE 5 may be the right and rational decision for them (and only for them). I don't know much about KDE but all software projects live with a legacy, as I understand KDE has always tried to achive a nice conformity in the user experience, even with "alien" toolkits like gtk+. For KDE to rewrite everything and change core principles in a short time span and such new and unknown technology as Wayland, would be impossible. Maybe in KDE 6 there are a time for such work.
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