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thx for that hint, is there no wiki site or any other site that links to this and describes it, how are you supposed to find it, search mesa*.tar.xz over google file search?

Sorry want to stop bitching ^^ but at least I get know a valid hint.

For all the others I alraedy said that mesas version scheme is not the primary problem here, and that I find that archlinux is the main problem for me here.

To give another 2 example that its not normal, fedora... they have rawhide but they branch from that a current +x version when x is out the final version not a rc or beta. Or take ubuntu they also only announce the branch of ubuntu next wenn ubuntu is out.

like I said distros are maybe something different.

But the main point I was saying is that calling it version X+1 when version X is not out (as final x.0 version) is very strange, I dont know any other projekt that does that. Like the kernel they call it NEXT not x+1 till x is out.

Firefox the same libreoffice the same...

is kde doing this? they have a very special version system so maybe they do that too? special in maybe extreme classic, so when its done its done instead of the now in bigger opensource projects main scheme release to a date and look whats done till then. thats a bit like mesa? not having fixed release dates. But I think they also dont do that? I am not using kde so I am not shure here? Or give me another 1 bigger projekt that does call its next branch official version xy. Or is it only a branch but no tag? A branch I would think is okish.

The main problem I have here is I think that they dont tagged any 9.2ish version. no 9.2 rc1 or at least beta 1 or something. make at least one rc1 if you really want to "freeze" it very long make if you want 1000 rc-s but dont release nothing.
google -> "mesa git arch" 5th link but anyway it can be google remembering stuff i looked for

about mesa releases cycle are actually pretty sane, about your confusion is that sometimes Distros want a very recent feature that is only in mesa git, so they checked a specific revision from git and test it as much as they can and package it to offer certain feature first, so you end up with a package mesa-9.2-as557fdsd where "9.2 is current master" and "as557fdsd" is partial git hash but of course mesa has not released 9.2 and they don't care since they can't control what distros maintainers fetch to their packages.

In the case of arch they simply stick to released mesa that should work for everyone and let the testing versions rest in pkgbuild, so they dont affect users that want stability over performance/features, at ost i think you should propose this links get included into the wiki to make life easier for early testers like you

if you wanna know the current official releases check mesa3d.org