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Thread: Linux 3.11 Benchmarks For Nouveau Graphics

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    Default Linux 3.11 Benchmarks For Nouveau Graphics

    Phoronix: Linux 3.11 Benchmarks For Nouveau Graphics

    We now know that the Linux 3.11 kernel has a heck of a lot of AMD Radeon performance potential through the new dynamic power management (DPM) support in its DRM kernel driver, but how's the Nouveau performance? Here's some new benchmarks...

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    So let's say I want to build a HDPC which allow a perfect playback of x264 encoded movies. No stutter, and ability to follow the frame rate of the movie, for a "cinema-like" experience.

    Which graphic card should I go for ? (For a full open source stack, of course)

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    Seems like this days radeon, intel and nouveau support video decoding. nouveau is limited but you still can choose between AMD APU or Intel (except GMA36xx).
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