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I'm wondering something that is not really important, but makes me curious.
When dragging an app to the edge of a given monitor, to another, will it "jump" to the other screen, or will it display partially in both screens? This seems 100% trivial, but I can see how in a slower card this could lead to images showing a lack of sync (a screen will probably update before the other, and then one will have the previous state of the app displaying instead of the current state, for a fraction of second, while the other is already up-to-date). Just jumping would avoid this kind of artifact.

EDIT: I'm asking more in general, not specifically Mir's case.
Typically it splits between both screens, much in the same way as if you to do the 3D cube in compiz and you put a window in between 2 workspaces. Generally the sync issues aren't that noticeable, especially if both of your screens are different sizes/resolutions.