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they cant break physics so there are some things you can say it is possible or not. Of course if you are classified as a top terrorist or something similar and they want to attack you specificly you are fucked anyway.
The point is "if the nsa wanted to monitor your communications", hh really did you live under a rock last 2 months? is the name Snowden a Name you heard something. we know now that they not only want but do monitor all of our communications completly.

So I find it good to have a system a person needs to hack not a automatic rootkit that uploads any data I dont want to. Or in other cases maybe transforms a smartphone into a spy-phone with live audio upload if some wrong words fall or something.
Yes they want to get as much data from us as possible, no not from terrorists, from anybody especialy from the terror-state germany. And that has nothing or not much to do with anti-terror they officialy state that they do industrial espionage.

If I think like you, they have won and they succeded a total survalence state or world, as example it makes even less sense to try to make a business or soemthing because I have lost from the start point.
Prism makes the world basicly pointless. you play a game against a system with marked dice.

And if they want they can even send a drone and shoot you out of the world, because you do anything they dont like.
And the american people are cool with that it seems. No 100mio people on the street what would be a proper reaction.
I agree with you, I was just saying that if they really want to intercept our communications, there is nothing we can do. They have the money, they have the most talented brains, and they have the power to do anything they want thanks to the false flag operations they use to change the laws.