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Thread: virtualdub & kernel 3.11

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    Default virtualbox & kernel 3.11

    hi,kubuntu amd 64 with kernel 3.11 not works with virtualbox,
    i cant create bridge ethernet, with kernel 3.10 works good

    00:00:01.925495 IntNet#0: szNetwork={HostInterfaceNetworking-eth0} enmTrunkType=3 szTrunk={eth0} fFlags=0x8000 cbRecv=325632 cbSend=196608 fIgnoreConnectFailure=false
    00:00:01.925634 VMSetError: /home/vbox/vbox-4.2.16/src/VBox/Devices/Network/DrvIntNet.cpp(1718) int drvR3IntNetConstruct(PPDMDRVINS, PCFGMNODE, uint32_t); rc=VERR_INTNET_FLT_IF_NOT_FOUND
    00:00:01.925665 VMSetError: Failed to open/create the internal network 'HostInterfaceNetworking-eth0'
    00:00:01.925800 VMSetError: /home/vbox/vbox-4.2.16/src/VBox/Devices/Network/DevE1000.cpp(7680) int e1kConstruct(PPDMDEVINS, int, PCFGMNODE); rc=VERR_INTNET_FLT_IF_NOT_FOUND
    00:00:01.925811 VMSetError: Failed to attach the network LUN
    00:00:01.925836 PDM: Failed to construct 'e1000'/0! VERR_INTNET_FLT_IF_NOT_FOUND (-3600) - The networking interface to filter was not found.
    00:00:01.952199 AIOMgr: Flush failed with VERR_INVALID_PARAMETER, disabling async flushes
    00:00:02.083382 ERROR [COM]: aRC=NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005) aIID={db7ab4ca-2a3f-4183-9243-c1208da92392} aComponent={Console} aText={Failed to open/create the internal network 'HostInterfaceNetworking-eth0' (VERR_INTNET_FLT_IF_NOT_FOUND).
    00:00:02.083411 Failed to attach the network LUN (VERR_INTNET_FLT_IF_NOT_FOUND)}, preserve=false
    00:00:02.221346 Power up failed (vrc=VERR_INTNET_FLT_IF_NOT_FOUND, rc=NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0X80004005))
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