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Thread: Features Approved This Week For Fedora 20

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chewi View Post
    All I care about is that you can install using RAID + LVM + LUKS. I knew this was missing from 18 and I forgave them for that but I was truly flabbergasted that they didn't have it sorted for 19. I even tried dropping LVM but I still couldn't get it to work.
    What problem did you have? It ought to work, and I'm pretty sure I tested it at some point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RahulSundaram View Post
    Kickstart works exactly the same way. If you miss anything, Anaconda will prompt for it. If it doesn't, that is a bug.
    Incomplete kickstarts don't work terribly well in F19, unfortunately. See . I mean, it *does* prompt for the things you're missing. Several times...=)

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