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Thread: Linus Torvalds Calls For More Linux Kernel Patches

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    Quote Originally Posted by duby229 View Post
    While I do fundamentally agree with you, I think that a compromize needs to be had. At least in the US this idea that government should pay for anything that is deemed to be unprofitibale but required is a major issue. It's this entitlement attitude that people have. This gratification society we live in. To an extent it is warranted and reasonable, but many politicians and lobbyists have gone too far and our governments financial future is what is at stake here.
    What entitlement attitude? I would say that the average American is not getting nearly enough. The main reason why the United States is in the financial state it is in is because of a lack of revenue due to reduced corporate taxes, the lack of a tobin tax, and reduced taxation on the wealthy coupled with an insane expenditure on the military (you could cut your military budget by 80% and still have the largest military in the world). Gutting essential services, such as infrastructure spending and social services, is just going to cripple the real economy and make things worse for most people. Not to sound like I am bragging, as our current administration has bought this whole "spending without revenue" boondoggle as well and has generated the largest deficit in our countries history (when they came to power we had a healthy surplus) and yet continues to try and sell the line that they a good financial managers based on phony projections of increased revenue. The days when we could brag are long over.
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