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Just missed Saturday by a couple hours... http://openbenchmarking.org/result/1...AH42-WINE16941
I thought it would be easier to read them, but I couldn't figure out how to convert the graphs to line-graphs. (I managed to do it locally, but when the results uploaded, they were bar graphs again).

Notes on these results:
3dmark & Shadermark have a performance drop at wine-1.5.9, due to the improved XRandR support: Prior to this version, they failed to recognise 1920x1080 as a valid resolution, and rendered at 1320x768 instead.
OpenGL performance is fairly consistent across all versions
DirectX performance increased for some applications, decreased for others.
PixelShaders: no performance change, except a small improvement at wine-1.5.28.
Oh wow!. That's awesome. Thanks for taking the time to provide these numbers. It's really good to see some valuable benchmarks of wine. Especially on this scale.