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Thread: Crytek is looking for a Linux programmer to work on the Linux version of CryEngine

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    Default Crytek is looking for a Linux programmer to work on the Linux version of CryEngine

    Quote Originally Posted by Crytek
    The CryEngine team is looking for a Programmer to work on the Linux version of the 3d engine.


    • Maintain Linux support for CryENGINE.
    • Contribute to maintenance and improvements of low-level engine systems.
    • Ensure reliability of Unix based build systems for SDK releases and special projects.
    • Create and maintain modules to be used for automated testing.
    • Contribute developer documentation based on on-going developments.
    • Participate in the development of game prototypes and custom solutions for external partners.
    • Provide support and training to internal and external developers.
    • Show a strong passion for customer service and satisfaction.
    • Take initiative and be willing to expand own horizon.
    • Adhere to all company policies and procedures.
    • Safeguard company assets including source code, artwork, tools, game design information and technical know-how.
    The above is only an excerpt. Here is the source.

    Crysis has not been confirmed yet, but so what? CryEngine is coming to Linux!

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    They sucks!
    Their web site, the application form doesn't even work at Linux, using Firefox...
    You can't apply if you are Linux user!

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    Seems like Star Citizen won't have any issues with funding whatsoever. I am still amazed that the developers managed to convince Crytek to bring its engine to Linux.

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