An Update

Hi All,
I just wanted to post an update. We should be going live with the kickstarter this week/ next week. We tried to structure it so that we can attain enough to finish the IP (It's about 95% there as I'll show in the video). We've been actively debugging over the last 2 months and need to fix trilinear filtering to get a better video for showing the capabilities. We also need to work on some of the more esoteric tests to verify functionality that isn't currently used.

Our hope is to achieve the higher tiers where we can actually bring the capabilities up to a modern shader architecture. Our current capabilities are more than enough to run an OS such as Linux and have game capabilities about that of a gamecube.

I'll start a new thread in the next couple of days with our Facebook page and an announcement of when we will go live. If anyone has any media contacts or thoughts on spreading the word, I'd love to hear them.

Our licensing is going to be attribution and bug fix only. New derivatives simply need to give us credit and our backers by providing a reference to our website and where an end user can obtain the source. It would be great to see someone pair this with an OpenRisc or OpenSparc. It might be a follow on kickstarter...

Thanks for your patience,