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What a fucking carry on one minute you claim fragmentation the next a carbon copy.
what a fucking carry on. So in the end we end up Mir and wayland doing the same thing in a slightly different way............ what a travesty!!!
Ah, I can see I am debating with a highly intelligent and distinguished gentleman with worldly tastes. Hey?

I do remind you, sir, that Mir would never have been possible without Wayland. Without all the groundwork done by the Wayland devs, all the plumbing and preparing of the graphics stack... Mir couldn't have been. The structure of the Mir server was copied (not in literal sense, but as in, they looked at Wayland to see "this is how to do it") and some parts were indeed copied straight on (XMir is a 1:1 copy of XWayland, with slight changes maybe).

Abominable............ lmfao what a fucking carry on!!!
I say, old chap, is that spittle coming from your mouth? Careful, you'll drop your monocle.

O please they have done nothing wrong
No? They have been lying at every turn, spreading malicious lies about their competition, acted with hostility towards the entire community... I would call that "doing wrong", but perhaps you have a differing opinion? Could it be, that your tastes are simply so refined that I just can't grasp them? Maybe there is some higher form of enjoyment to be found in being lied to and slandered, that only a gentleman of your caliber can appreciate. Maybe such customs are common in your household? How intriguing!

Even if true so what? Its a problem for ubuntu/canonical
It wont affect you since you wont ever go near it so why carry on about it day after day. Get a fucking life loser
Ah, sir, I must say - truly, your composure and skills in the art of debate are nothing short of marvelous. I stand in awe at your rapier wit. Awe, I tell you. Well done, sir. I couldn't have said it better. Pray tell, where do you come up with such exquisite material? If I may, sir, the whole "get a fucking life loser" was an excellent touch. Such refined taste... such elegance!

Sadly, I can only offer my humble counter in my own, feeble words... it is indeed my problem, because what Canonical does affects the rest of the ecosystem, the rest of the community. They have much influence, like it or not, and they should take some responsibility how they use it.

Blah blah blah games on wayland are going to face the same fucking issues.Since you don't use ubuntu why such a concern anyway?
I'm in tears. Seriously, tears. Such beauty! Such elegance! Such an ingenious grasp of the art of wordplay. I am speechless!

Sir, I am offended. I consider myself a paragon of honesty.

What a travesty he changed his mind gaaaaawd

That's it? It's over already? Aww.