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This isn't a gripe against Linux, its a gripe against Windows too... I really wish all programs assets-- especially games-- just got dumped into their specific folder instead of being spread around /usr/bin /usr/share/games and ~/.local/share

Like I want to just be able to copy the game's folder and run with it.
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I've always liked the idea of when installing a binary, drop it in its own folder (in Linux-space, it would be $GAMES/$GAMENAME and symlink all the relevant stuff where it needs to go (ie, link /usr/bin/$GAMENAME to $GAMES/$GAMENAME/$GAMENAME.elf, etc.

One of the biggest hassles with source ports on Linux is that they always throw their files in random places, like .zandronum or /usr/local/games/doom.
Both of you would look to this 'revolutionary' distro where each program gets its own specific folder


Apparently it has failed to get interest from the linux community.