sorry to derp into this thread, don’t understand this window manager stuff. I have questions though..

I am a gamer who can now game quite well on Linux through desura and steam (also games that don’t require a DRM browser ) however i crave more performance, right now both my A10-5800k & my AMD 5850 should really be pulling double the frame rate (as within windows (and the rest)) but given the type of simple source games and the relative power of my hardware 30-40fps is OK and on some older source games 60fps is doable (where it would be 150 and more on windows). But as you have guessed i am an early adopter and have moved away from windows 7. The experience is not always smooth and im starting to wonder how games will fare that are a bit more hardcore (( DID ANYONE SEE THE JOB ADVERT FOR A CRYTEK, CRYSIS 3 LINUX DEV ?))

So the questions:

1. Will all of this Wayland / MIR stuff get in the way of gaming on Linux? Politically, will it hinder the confidence of Valve and other game devs to commit i.e will you install DOTA2 on Ubuntu get 100fps and then need some conversion that reduces FPS or increases frame latency to work on Weyland.

2. Firstly, X is here for a while longer i guess as the dust needs to settle but if STEAM is officially supported on 13.04 Ubuntu then one would assume games will be ported and tested for MIR in future. Will Weyland games run as fast as MIR ? Will people who want to game on Linux be forced to use Ubuntu ?

3. What is wrong with X ? it seems like only the actual open source drivers and mesa improvements hold performance back from reaching windows standards? If its because X doesn’t fit tablets, cars then why should I care I want a desktop environment?

Sorry for my dumb questions