przemoli, you keep hammering on the number of Ubuntu users, but you seem to overlook one teensy little thing and that is the number of Ubuntu users don't matter one iota to the developer communities and the corporations who call the shots around Wayland and Mesa here. Heck, those deadweight desktop users don't even make Canonical profitable. What makes you think that this group of non-contributing and non-paying people has any clout on the global Linux market?

Wayland was annointed as THE successor. Even Canonical announced broad support for it while it was still a mere technology demo. Canonical never contributed to it though. A year before Wayland's magnus opus was supposed to be included in most distro's, Canonical swoops in and announces they have been toying with a homegrown pixelflinger for about 9 months and they now expect everybody to drop everything else and bend all and sundry out of shape to support Canonical's redundant, in-house, toy project.

Do you really think Red Hat, Intel,, Mesa, Samsung, Collabora, Jolla et al are going to give serious consideration to Mir (especially with the cumbersome GPLv3 licensing)? Canonical doesn't shoulder any significant development outside their own pet projects and most of their "contributions" are one way streets directly into Ubuntu. Wayland is already lined up to go places where it will bring in money, like in-vehicle infotainment, like mobile operating systems (e.g. Sailfish and Tizen). It will power the next generation of workstations and as a freebie bonus, it will modernise the desktop experience of everybody else who don't really have any impact on the world.

What does Mir do (except muddy the waters)? It goes where Ubuntu touch goes, which for now still seems to be second hand, repurposed Android phones. On the desktop it is nothing more than a shim underneath

--- As an aside, those developer communities and corporations are already supporting all those users (now stuck on Ubuntu) free of cost with Wayland and There are several excellent distrubutions who package these invaluable contributions for all to use.