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Thread: Valve's VOGL Quickly Sees Improvements, AMD Support

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    Default Valve's VOGL Quickly Sees Improvements, AMD Support

    Phoronix: Valve's VOGL Quickly Sees Improvements, AMD Support

    Valve's VOGL OpenGL debugger for Linux that was publicly open-sourced this week is quickly attracting interest by Linux game developers and is already starting to thrive as an open-source project...

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    Only catalyst? What about the Open Source driver?

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    Quote Originally Posted by halfmanhalfamazing View Post
    Only catalyst? What about the Open Source driver?
    IMO There are no OSS drivers on Windows. Working with Catalyst in Linux gives a base for the developers to test the cross-platform behaviour of the applications that are being ported over using the VOGL.

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    I presume it already works on Mesa/Gallium3D drivers, since Source games work on them. doesn't respond, yet there's which works, heh.
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    From the ChangeLog linked in the linked blog post:

    Fixing core profile issues on g-truc samples - NV accepts some bad glGet's we were doing that AMD doesn't like.
    Just further showing how the "issues" with fglrx are often times really issues with Nvidia not following the OpenGL spec etc. This is something I've been pointing out for a long time now and time and time again it gets completely ignored.

    To be fair, there are a couple things listed there that could be fglrx's fault, but there's nothing definitive that it is just yet:

    - gl-320-fbo-depth32 does not play back at all on AMD, so I've removed it from the regression test for now. This test doesn't work on AMD when I run it directly either. I've started the ball rolling with AMD on getting a driver fix.
    - The default framebuffer's front buffer and depth/stencil surfaces are failing to snapshot on fglrx. I don't know why; the same code works fine on NVidia. Still investigating, and I just started the ball rolling with AMD.

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