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Thread: Upgrading my RIG to Haswell

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    Default Upgrading my RIG to Haswell


    I thought I'd share. My 4 years old AMD Phenom desktop is showing its age, and I decided to upgrade it. Given the fact that the Catalyst driver doesn't support my Graphics Card anymore, and that the Open Source driver with latest Ubuntu (13.04) and the xorg-edgers ppa is still considerably slower than an old Catalyst on an old kernel ... I decided to try Intel. (I run intel in a chromebook, a notebook and a laptop, so i know what I'm facing )

    My choices were a Haswell based system, or a Richland based one. My issue was really drivers: Intel works only on the open source stack, which helps them get a lot of juice in Linux using my preferred model (Open Source). While I appreciate AMD's Open Source efforts, I prefer by far Intel's model, and decided to vote with my wallet. Also: single core performance was a consideration, and Intel beats AMD by a long shot.

    So, I found a sweet deal for an i5-4670k for $50 more than the a10-6800k, I grabbed that, a Gygabyte GA-Z87-D3HP, and some fast (but not pricey) dual channel kit of DDR3 2400. This thing should fly! At the very least, I'll overclock RAM to 2400. Perhaps the CPU a bit, though Haswell is not good for OCing. Can't wait to get it on the mail and put it together.

    Integrated graphics will more than suffice for now. If I need better graphics a couple years down the road, it will be and ATI card (no way I'd buy binary-only NVIDIA). Hopefully, by that time, Open Source ATI will have come closer to parity with Catalyst.

    I'll probably post some benchmarks here later on.

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