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Thread: Marek Has New Set Of Radeon MSAA Patches

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    Quote Originally Posted by brent View Post
    Err, no it isn't. On the contrary, it is now as fast as it possibly can be. Of course MSAA is still slower than no MSAA, but that's to be expected. But still, even on slow GPUs with little memory and bandwidth, the impact of 2-4x MSAA is rather small.
    Well, i don't think that's true considering that Marek currently has a set of r600g MSAA optimization patches up for review on the mailing list. They'll probably get committed to master in a few days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackiwid View Post
    So its not my contributions (made as example a singstar like game and released it under gpl3 and some other stuff).
    Well releasing your own code as open source is one thing, but contributing to a well established and well recognised project is another. It shows good comuncation skills to be able to negotiate changes with others and the ability to work out how code (no written by you) works.

    If you are interested I just posted about a task about helping the GTK+ Wayland port that is suited to those with not a great deal of experince but would be a great starting point to getting a better understand of GTK+, Wayland and X see:!!

    As for your other comments there is so many to address and I dont really have the time but what I will say is that it is very hard even in Australia to get a programming job the hardest part I have found is getting an initial job within an organisation once you are in then it becomes much easier to move around within that organisation to different jobs.

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