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I sure didn't understand what he said - I don't understand Polish
By "him" I meant "mrugiero", who replied to your post trying to explain it to you (well he failed).

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I was reading slides. Steam runtime is usally referring to their proprietary DRM stuff, thus my concern. If he simply meant common open source middleware - than for sure, there is no problem with that.
Bullshit, you didn't read them. On the same exact slide where "Steam runtime" is mentioned it clearly states:

  • Collection of essential packages "ripped" from Ubuntu repos + patches [applied to them]
  • Ready-to-use GCC-based toolchains for i386 and amd64

By the way, I looked around in that directory a bit, and it seems that steam does something pretty cool: Before downloading libraries to your steam-runtime directory, it first checks if a library with that same name exists on your system (in usual /lib folders), hashes it, and if that file exactly matches the one steam would provide, it skips the downloading. So essentially the steam-runtime guarantees developers a certain set of libraries always present on the system, without needless duplication. (This is just my speculation)