For what it's worth, the requirements the PTS SVG renderer uses in determining browser support is (based on the current Git code):

SVG works -- with regard to the SVG that PTS utilizes in pts_Graph -- when:

- The Gecko build is 200702 or newer (Firefox 3.0 works, Firefox 2.0 mostly works but some missing text....)

- WebKit 533 or newer is needed on HP webOS as SVG is really buggy there.

- Android 3.0 or newer is needed for SVG.

- Opera 9.27 mostly works for SVG except for few minor problems though Opera 10 and newer is much better for the most part.

- Epiphany past version 2.22 works there.

- KDE Konqueror as of version 4.7 is still messed up for SVG.

- Internet Explorer 9 or newer.

- Not a Facebook user-agent.

I think that covers it all.... The rest of the time JPG/PNG is used or PDF rendering or even there's a Flash renderer back-end support in PTS but not actively used.

And yes, I've long been planning optional JS-SVG-optimized interactive graphs, but it just hasn't happened yet since I'm the main developer of PTS beyond everything going on with Phoronix/OpenBenchmarking/other-stuff, so time is limited and interactive graphs aren't a high priority compared to other PTS coding tasks.