Hiho.. Not sure if this is the right place for bug reports, but I just came across a minor glitch and wanted to let folks know..

On Ubuntu 13.04, when attempting to install the pts/minion-1.4.0 test, I got the following:

        Test Installation 1 of 1
        1 File Needed [6.64 MB / 1 Minute]
        File Found: minion-0.15-src.tar.gz                          [6.64MB]
        Installation Size: 55 MB
        Installing Test @ 18:41:19 
            The installer exited with a non-zero exit status.
            ERROR: Boost not found -- do you have the iostreams component?
            LOG: ~/.phoronix-test-suite/installed-tests/pts/minion-1.4.0/install-failed.log
I found I needed to install the libboost-iostreams-dev package before the installer would work properly.

(Since PTS seems to be pretty good about installing necessary prerequisites before attempting to install other tests I'm assuming this was an oversight and this package just needs to be added to a dependencies list somewhere..)