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Thread: I got robbed at gunpoint today....

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    I'm sure their is a percent that deserved it but how many of the 32000+ each year does not. If the answer is even just one that is one to many.

    If someone broke into your house and was trying to rape/kill you or a family member, stopping the attacker,even if by means of shooting them, could be seen as legit self defence.
    I then hear about Starbucks asking customers not to come into their stores with legal firearms,or i see how your general public is treated when pulled over by the law on an episode of COPS,where you are guilty first proof your innocence and expected of carrying a weapon thanks to that wonderful constitution and thus treated as such. SO how many of those 32000 probably didn't deserve it at all.

    So is the problem 32000 accidental deaths? 32000 self defence acts? Is it 32000 police shootings? Is it 32000 gang related shootings? Legal or illegal it appears you have a serious problem.

    Help me understand how news of yet another school shooting massacre,where some kid getting teased,decides one day to get up and go around shooting 30 or 40 kids translates to the victims deserving it ?

    It kind of sounds like you would prefer no prison system at all and basically a free for all where if you have a gun you can be the judge,juror and executioner for every crime you see fit. So we are clear, on what crimes do you think the offender is punishable by death,or you have the right to shoot them?

    People kill people but guns make it much to easy
    People have the right to self defence
    People kill people less when guns are not a commodity or right
    Legal or illegal you guys have a serious gun problem
    Your premise falls short on one simple basic fact. People are going to have guns whether you want them to or not. It will happen. Making all guns illegal actually means that all guns are going to be illegal and those are most definitely more dangerous people.

    You don't understand a quote that you made and now you want me to try and explain it to you? Sorry I don't understand it either. Your quoted information simply doesnt have enough data to be useful for anyone. How do you expect that I can justify it when it isn't useful information at all?

    I heavily suspect that if the same number of people that were lisenced to drive a car were also licensed to carry a legal gun, then gun violence would just about disappear.
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