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Thread: Previewing The New Phoronix Design

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    Will it properly support Phoronix Premium? Will I need to open Phoronix, see ads, open the forum in new tab, go back to article tab and then reload, to get the "premium experience"?

    (gonna keep spamming, Michael )

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    Cool Screenreaders

    Is it usable with screenreaders? I really like the current design for being easily accessible.

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    Default My ideas to improve the new Phoronix site.

    Here are my ideas to improve the new Phoronix site.

    To illustrate the ideas, I have uploaded an image as well.

    1. Better top sections
    I think the top sections should better convey what the site
    is about - news, reviews, benchmarks and forums.
    Today it's a bit unclear what the difference between Home and Articles & Reviews
    is. To make it more clear I would suggest everything is considered articles and the top sections would then be different kinds of articles.

    For instance:
    * The Phoronix logo would go to the home page with all articles.
    * 'News' would only show news articles.
    * 'Reviews' would show review articles of hardware, software, etc.
    * 'Benchmarks' would show testing and comparison articles.
    * 'Forums' would of course be the forums as today.

    2. Better sub sections.
    The sub sections could be the same for the four top sections.
    Currently different sections of the site have different sub sections,
    which can be a bit confusing.

    Articles & Reviews have:
    * Computers
    * Display Drivers
    * Distributions
    * Enclosures
    * Events
    * Graphics Cards
    * Linux Gaming
    * Memory
    * Monitors
    * Motherboards
    * Operating Systems
    * Peripherals
    * Power Supplies
    * Processors
    * Software
    * Storage

    The current left hand column sub section list has:
    * Computers
    * Display Drivers
    * Graphics Cards
    * Motherboards
    * Peripherals
    * Processors
    * Software
    * Operating Systems
    * All Articles

    The forum has:
    * Phoronix
    * Linux Graphics / X.Org Drivers (instead of Graphics Cards/Display Drivers)
    * Software
    * Hardware

    I have no strong opinion on what the common sub sections should be, since it
    goes deeper than just design, but it seems a compromise between the two first
    examples might be good.

    3. Tying together the top sections and the sub sections.
    When selecting a top section you would see the all articles for that top section
    shown chronologically.

    The sub section list on the right (formerly on the left) should take effect
    for the selected top section. For instance when the Forum top section is
    selected, clicking on Distributions would take you to the Distributions
    sub section of the forums.

    To make it more clear that the sub sections list is connected to the selected
    top section the 'All Articles' sub section is contextually renamed to either
    All News, All Reviews, All Benchmarks or All Forums.

    4. Tying together the top sections and the search text area.
    The search text area should be moved to below the sub section list.

    To make it more clear that the search text area is connected to the selected
    top section the text inside the area is contextually renamed to either
    Search News, Search Reviews, Search Benchmarks or Search Forums.

    5. Showing selected top sections and sub sections in green
    To make it more clear what top section and sub section you are currently
    wathcing the would be recolored in green.

    6. Encourage people to log in
    By putting the Create account and Log in options in the top right corner it
    becomes easier to use the full extent of the site.

    7. Moving the Phoronix Test Suite link
    To make it clear that 'Phoronix Test Suite' is not a top section it would have
    to be moved elsewhere.

    8. Moving the right column to the far right.
    I just think it looks nicer...

    Good luck with the new site, hope to see it soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by M1kkko View Post
    This is just change for the sake of change. Absolutely nothing is changed for the better in the new one.

    I've been a phoronix reader for over three years and seen many good websites ruin their design/layout in that time (even big ones like YouTube, etc)

    Luckily Phoronix has been the one website whose layout has stayed sane. And visually pleasing. Heck, I even thought about writing an e-mail to Michael a year ago just telling him how good his site's current layout is and that he should never have to think about changing it. Just to make sure this day would never come.

    Sigh. I know I'm not the one calling the shots here. But I'm still very, very dissatisfied.
    I totally agree with you on this.

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    Hard to say if it’s better or not because of the fake text. Is this the front page? (sorry if it’s been answered, I don’t feel like reading all comments at the moment.)

    However I like that the left-hand column is gone; it should leave more space for the article and reduce the clutter. And I never use either the left or right-hand columns of the current design anyway.

    Edit: the current design is too wide, and the mockup screenshot is much too wide too.
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    Default Live Preview available?

    Is there a live preview available? Much easier to review then a screenshot.

    Overall, I like the direction and it looks cleaner.

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    Thank goodness. No offense, but it was getting so difficult to look at I was thinking of resorting to a user style to restructure the layout and take away some of those lines. This will also certainly make Phoronix feel a bit more 'professional'.

    I'm sure you'll find an appropriate area to place the ads.

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    The new design looks cool, I just hope it is as "lightweight" as the old one. Definitely looks more sleek & sexy, I just hope all functionality and ease of browsing remains.

    Not worried about the ads, I block them with multiple browser plugins anyways :P

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    I like it, but i would move the right column back to the left or move the bottom ad to the left. Too many ads on one side seem like visual overload to me.

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    No macbook graphics, no Jobs quote, no out-of-order boxes mixed everywhere.... it's to good and to readable for nowadays "design" trends

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