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    The website always looked uncool , tired and oldish.
    But I'm more about the content. The new look is not bad. mbit suggestions are great.

    now that you're overhauling that, I'd like to express a couple of wishes to improve the readability of articles:
    1. put a link to PREVIOUS/NEXT ARTICLE at the end of each article page. I'm reading once every 2 days, so at least a dozen unread articles stack up since the last visit, and I don't like to go back to home page each time.
    2. put a decent/modern image gallery browser. Like those popping up on a semitransparent black, complete with PREVIUOS / NEXT image arrow link. Oh, and choose one of those viewers maximizing/fitting the image size to the browser screen! It's unbelievably annoying to bounce back and forth the main article just to browse the attached figures!!!!!!

    have a nice coding/designing
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