Point & Click adventure games from Deck 13 are being ported by RuneSoft to Linux on Desura.

Jack Keane, an adventure game taking place in the colonial-era of the now defunct British empire, has already been ported to Desura :

Jack Keane was already ported on Linux few years ago (available on retail stores).

Ankh, Ankh 2 were also ported, but Ankh 3. Indeed, Ankh 3 was cancelled after poor sales record from Ankh 2 & Jack Keane (few hundreds units sold).

Now, Linux seems to be more gamer-friendly, and Desura is becoming more attractive, as RuneSoft will port Anlh 3 to Linux :

Eath 2140 will also be ported to Linux :

Ankh 3 & Earth 2140 are two new games to Linux. The impressive RuneSoft catalogue could also be ported to Linux :

Linux Game Publishing should worry about the renewed RuneSoft interest on Linux...