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Thread: New NVIDIA Linux Driver Supports The GeForce GTX 780

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramiliez View Post
    If youre not a gamer stick with intel get yourself HD 4600 or HD4000
    You will avoid:
    - Heat issues due to poor cooling and physical constraints
    - Loudness
    - Size
    - Weight
    - Stupid NVIDIA and AMD driver issues
    - Mobile graphics which are based on same name as their desktop parent are always less powerful which means 780 is faster than 780m
    Thanks, I agreed with you but maybe I didn't explained right. I can't consider myself a gamer, but every now and then I enjoy spending some time gaming - that's why I want a good GPU.

    My main concern is, Linus or anyone else still having reasons to raise the middle finger to NVIDIA or after that sad novel NVIDIA improved linux support?

    EDIT: My actual laptop (XPS 1640 - ATI 4670) is four years old now and I'm outdated on this subject even more. That's why I'm asking, maybe someone with a NVIDIA card was able to follow the drivers update and improvements. And I trust phoronix community more than any other I know. It's my first time participating on the forums but I follow phoronix forums for a long time.
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