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Thread: Intel Linux OpenGL Driver Leading Over Apple OS X

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pawlerson View Post
    It's not advantage in any way. In Windows and Linux you are free to use whatever driver you want.

    In my opinion is an advantage, is more difficult to receive a buggy driver , because this was tested on the beta releases of mac osx.

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    Default MultiOs PCs with hypervisor: The future

    I miss MS WOS and Android at this benchmarking and is great the mac mini as the OSX / MS-WOS / GNU-Linux / Android benchmarking paradigm.

    I would make even a 100 index for benchmarking the MAC mini for future benchmarks with other machines as IBM PC x8086 was years ago with first benchmarking tools. for normal people is easy to read 1.5 times faster or better than a Mac Mini - and of course keeping the real results - than actual benchmarks at Phoronix, having an index based in a well known and best selled machine gives a lot of clearity.

    Imagine a iphone 100 base benchmark index, even for compare Iphone new models and of course benchmark any other smartphone or a Samsung S2 benchmark with the problem that you cannot install other OSs and at X86 computers you still can.

    I do also miss a Xen hypervisor installation with VGA passthrough and this 4 OSs running and tested.

    There are a italian company that has made a X86 hybrid tablet-notebook with Ubuntu, Android and MS WOS, i hope that with Xen hypervisor instead of GRUB I think it is the future: MultiOS PCs with hypervisor even MS has just do it at their new Xbox console

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    Quote Originally Posted by curaga View Post
    To anyone wanting Steam benches: this is Sandy for god's sake. Comparing 2fps to 2.1fps.
    I'm playing Source games on Sandy, and it has given a more reliable performance and less headaches than my AMD card.

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    Would be nice to see this on an HD4000, which is actually still getting updates on OSX....

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