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Even more, if you open the steam store and click on the linux button it shows on the right hand side that there are 176 games for purchase on our beloved platform!
Not quite, the Linux tab includes demos, dlc, soundtracks and trailers along with the games, so that number is artificially inflated if you just want to know the game count. If you instead use an empty search page and set the filters for games and Linux you get to see the actual count of games available for Linux.

Here is a link to the search page with the filters set: http://store.steampowered.com/search...1=998&os=linux

As you can see it is at 106 currently. Though there are some other games that are still just in beta that don't have their Tux badge yet, so the real count of games you can download/install is a little higher than that, but no where near 176 yet.