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Thread: Ubuntu 13.10 Release Schedule Published

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    Default Ubuntu 13.10 Release Schedule Published

    Phoronix: Ubuntu 13.10 Release Schedule Published

    The Ubuntu 13.10 release, a.k.a. the Saucy Salamander, now has an official release date...

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    Default Want?

    What do you want from Ubuntu 13.10?

    I want the /usr merge, updated Wayland, GTK+, Clutter and Qt packages. XWayland support.
    Less adware/spyware.
    More open development process with public alphas and public betas.

    Also would like Pantheon shell, Geary, WingPanel, Slingshot, Plank, Switchboard, Files, Scratch, Maya, Noise and other Elementary OS software available in the repository.

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    systemd would be nice...

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