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Thread: Linux DM-Crypt Being Parallelized

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    Quote Originally Posted by swrx View Post
    Not everything is x86 or x86_64. Recent quad-core ARM CPUs obviously lack AES-NI and could conceivably benefit from this.

    Also, AES-NI only improves performance for AES. AES is probably the most common algorithm for bulk encryption, but it is not the only algorithm out there.

    my core i7 e.g. lynnfield doesn't have aes-ni or avx - so I'm grateful that all the x86_64 optimizations exist (CONFIG_CRYPTO_BLOWFISH_X86_64, CONFIG_CRYPTO_CAMELLIA_X86_64, CONFIG_CRYPTO_SERPENT_SSE2_X86_64, CONFIG_CRYPTO_TWOFISH_X86_64, CONFIG_CRYPTO_TWOFISH_X86_64_3WAY)

    will try those patches out - let's see if it cuts down latency on these

    dm-crypt/luks -> lvm -> filesystem layouts


    ok seems like it's still heavily worked on, debated

    so will try it a later time
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