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Yes, I mean to download install and play without any client. I don't buy games otherwise (in order not to support DRM).
You know what's worse than easy to by-pass DRM'd native games on Linux? No games on Linux. I hate even easy DRM too, but this is as good as it gets with mainstream content. I'm am thrilled as wallaby on pure Colombian coke to get TF:2, CS:Source, Killing Floor, and eventually Portal and L4D2. I've even started logging hours into Champions of Regnum (and actually tossed them $10 - this is a free to play MMORPG).

And Steam DRM is a real joke (as said earlier in the thread). It's for my idiot friends who are too dim to learn the location of games on their FS and copy over cracked files and too lazy to take 5 minutes searching Google for said crack/patch. But given a button that says 'Download free game, fuck the devs who put their time into it' they would in a heartbeat. It's difficult for geeks like us to comprehend such people . If I didn't know these people personally, I wouldn't have thought they existed. But they are out there and in very large numbers Shitty for society but great for capitalism :< And now good for Linux!