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Thread: linux ut99 mutator incompatible ?

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    Question linux ut99 mutator incompatible ?

    I seem to be having a game crash everytime certain mutators are used in ut99 (yet none of the windows users have problems).

    {WINGS} Venom-X
    {WINGS} Venom-X mutator (special MH)

    These mutators result in a segfault and imediate game crash if I join a server requiring it.
    They also crash if I try to start a local practice session using them or just select the menu option as shown in the second link above.

    Can someone with UT99 installed please test/verify this ?

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    Appears to be a problem with:

    Critical: appError called:
    Critical: Invalid sound format in Sound NemesisWINGSvXdxs.NukeAmb.DropNukeAmb
    Exit: Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterEr

    I guess this is a non critical error for windows users ...

    Apparently there are many more mutators with issues in ut99 (issues only linux users notice).

    Ohh well

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