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Well I working with what you've wrote. You've said "EGL + extensions are what is needed to support Wayland", so doesn't nvidia have to support those "extensions" for it work?
they're apart of the specification.

Canonical wants nVidia to add *additional* extensions in order for Mir to be able to have the features mentioned in the blog by Thomas (which Wayland already supports, using the existing EGL implementation).

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So Wayland does not need extensions? that would reassure me a lot. Do you have some sources where the driver/EGL requirements are for Wayland? I googled quickly, but couldn't make it clear.
Wayland doesn't need the extensions that Canonical/Mir developers are trying to get into EGL, afaict.

There is another thread here in the forums (relating to Mir/Wayland) where an Xorg/Wayland developer (or two) mentioned that all Wayland needs is a proper EGL implementation, if i remember correctly, he also said the nvidia driver wouldn't need KMS either - just EGL/extensions (but not the extensions that Thomas/Mir-dev is talknig about - since they aren't (currently?) apart of the EGL specification.