I ask for advice.... currently I search for APU+Motherboard combo, which should be below $120 mark.
Basically, I have everything, except (GPU, CPU) or (GPU+CPU) and Mobo. I suppose only APU is choice at this price range.

Unfortunately PTS does not have universal performance index, so I use other benchmarking site to compare CPU performance.
But what is troubling me is the graphics part.
Right now, I choose between:
Intel G2130 (or similar) + H61/B75 motherboard
A8-3850/70 + FM1 motherboard

Unforunately FM2 APUs are out of my scope (as it seems), as all a4-6 FM2 solutions lose in raw CPU performance to their FM1 A8 counterparts.


Then, there is this thing - are amd opensource drivers for these systems better than Intel opensource drivers?...
Catalyst is out of the question entirely.

It is office workstation with minimal gaming, but it should work 100% fast for office tasks.
Unity or XFCE with Compiz ... not clear at this point. But from driver side the workflow should be fluid - Libreoffice, Firefox, Clawsmail etc.

Any fast advice is very appreciated.