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Thread: Ubuntu Touch/Tablet Is Using SurfaceFlinger

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    Quote Originally Posted by e8hffff View Post
    The problem is Linux was getting no where on mobile device due to the lack of driver support. Most support Android and are restrictive if approached for datasheets or what ever. Canonical had to bite a bullet and adopt some of Android's core so as to access the drivers and support chain. These areas will continue to be improved and updated.

    Consider the amount of different devices out there from China and mainstream that would need dedicated works just to get ported. Canonical wants success now. The problem is how to get existing software to work that maybe looking for a different windowing method. Solutions...Containers? Library distinctions?
    Comparing this to work that Mer/Jolla-Sailfish/PlasmaActive folks do, I'd say that Canonical deserted the fight to gain short term benefits. Mer/Jolla-Sailfish/PA however go along the way that desktop Linux is going - i.e. -> Wayland shift. And they are working with hardware vendors. Not easy - but they are doing it instead of chickening out to grab some market. Canonical just decided to take a shortcut, but a bad one. By the way, libhybris which is apparently used by Canonical now was created by the Mer architect who also works in Jolla. For me all this is a good reason to stick with Sailfish and PA, rather than jumping to Ubuntu's train.
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