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Thread: AGP users, UNITE!!!!

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    Exclamation AGP users, UNITE!!!!

    Hi folks. I have a x700 AGP 256mb video card, and I haven't been able to get working a fglrx driver which supports AIGLX.

    I've lost about a hundred hours(since october 24th 2007) searching the web and making tests, trying to get AIGLX working since the first driver which supports is(8.42), and none of them worked nice in my card. In 8.42 driver I got it partially working, the bug of the driver not assigning and IRQ to the card, which makes it work very slow, and compiz was full of glitches, making it unusable. The later releases just freeze my entire system, catalyst 7.1, 7.2 and 8.1 . I really lost my patience and even decided to sell my card, to get an nvidia one, but nobody buys AGP cards anymore
    So I'm stuck with it.

    My point is:
    Maybe the agp users are not well represented in the beta testers team. I've talked to bridgman, a user on the forum who works on AMD/ATI, and he said he'd get me in their beta testers mailing list, so we at least make sure the developers know about the problem, they are aware of the problem with AGP cards, but they though it'd be a 2x00 series problem, and it seems not.

    All of you who use AGP cards, please make a post in this thread posting your system configuration:

    ATI Graphic card

    * Monitor type(lcd, crt, tv) and resolutions used

    * Motherboard/chipset model

    * Processor type

    * Ammount of memmory

    * Distro used

    * Kernel version

    * Xorg version

    * fglrx version

    * is AIGLX working ?

    And please, justify the choice of the version of your driver. I use 8.40 because it's stable in my system, even though it doesn't support AIGLX.

    After having this thread with many AGP users, we will be able to organize ourselves better to give more feedback about AGP cards. bridgman told me that there were a lot of AGP users in the beta testers group, but most of them migrated to PCI-E, so they're needing more.

    What I want is understand if it's a driver problem, a distro problem, a Xorg problem, the more reports we have, the easier it'll be to track it.

    Thanks in advance.
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