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Thread: Red Hat Picks Up Another Graphics Driver Developer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamish Wilson View Post
    Actually, everything is running smooth as silk thank you very much, just as I expected it to. I really do not get the knee jerk "Learnet Pottering is bad crowd". systemd is a real blessing when you have to manually manage services the way you do with Arch and PulseAudio and pavucontrol are a real blessing when handling the volume of multiple applications or if you are using a headset.

    Moving on, I also honestly do not get why anyone could hate on NetworkManger if you want a dynamic and responsive interface to handle such things. When it comes to SystemConfig though it is mostly that I am used to it after using Fedora for six years, but it does generally work and my printer works with it perfectly. The main thing I am missing on Arch is system-config-firewall.

    Speaking of which, if there is one thing that is not working perfectly, it is iptables:

    So if you actually want to be helpful and stop shooting your mouths off you can actually help me figure that one out.
    I've never used iptables so I don't know enough about it to help.

    And as far as your choice of software... to each his own.... Thats the best thing about linux is that you have the choice to use what you want. It is my personal opinion that your choices include the most buggy, bloated, and slowest software that can be used.

    But please understand that my opinion is biased and you should choose what works best for you.
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