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Also, I can't wait for Steam Linux games to start appearing in http://thepiratebay.se/. There's no fucking way I'm paying for commercial DRM crap.
Ok, now there is finally someone who's serious about linux gaming and is really making an effort you guys only want to parasitize By not paying for the games you are making it worse or even ruining it. I bet Valve will monitor its success based on Steam's statistics. And if something is not profitable in the long run it's not worth putting effort in it. That's how it works these days.

I really want to play games on linux. I am not a gamer, I work on my computer so I really love Linux for its efficience. And for the few occasions I want to play I really don't want to pay Microsoft any penny built on software politics I despise.

So at lease I am going to support the move by paying for the games.