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Will this benchmark suite have a cumulative scoring system, similar to PCMark?

The ONLY THING out there for Linux similar to PCMark is Geekbench. Wahoo Geekbench is cross platform and covers a multitude of tests. Booooo it's proprietary and you have to pay to run 64-bit versions.

I am so disgusted with the lack of a PCMark-like benchmark on Linux... I'm seriously considering developing a cross platform PCMark-lite suite if the Phoronix suite doesn't do score indexing.

If it doesn't, would the Phoronix guys be interested in helping develop such a suite?
Right now there's nothing on the road-map for coming up with a composite scoring system, however, that's not to say it can't be done. Once the framework for the software is in place, it can then be planned and implemented, since that's where we're at right now.

You're more than welcome to start coming up with ideas and most likely could be integrated into the Phoronix Test Suite.