Hi guys, would appriciate if you could help me with this one. We have our intranet/website hosted on a remote Linux ubuntu 2.6.17-11 server. I have logged onto the server as root through putty and was buzzy backing up and compressing a directory using
tar czvf tarfile.tar.gz dir_to_tar
command and half way through process I got a read-only file system error and all the file on the system seem to have been changed to read-only files.
This I can fix with the
mount -n -o remount /
But every time when I upload a few files with my Ftp client(Filezilla) the same thing happens and I have to log in with PUTTY and run "mount -n -o remount" to fix the problem.
It all started with me backing up that directory, it might have been because someone had a file open on the intranet or something.