I have installed nas4free directly on the bare metal of my HP MicroServer Proliant (AMD Turion II Neo N40L, dual core, 1.5GHz), here is what pts reports for system information:

# ./phoronix-test-suite system-info
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Phoronix Test Suite v4.4.0m2
System Information

Processor: Intel Core i7-3720QM @ 1.50GHz (2 Cores), Motherboard: innotek VirtualBox 1.2, Memory: 2048MB, Disk: VBOX CD-ROM 1.0 + VBOX HDD 1.0

OS: FreeBSD, Kernel: 9.1-RELEASE (x86_64), Compiler: GCC 4.6.3 + LLVM 3.1, File-System: ufs, System Layer: VirtualBox
There are several bugs.

First, my CPU is not an Intel Core i7 @ 1.5GHz (2 Cores) but an AMD Turion(tm) II Neo N40L Dual-Core Processor (1497.54-MHz K8-class CPU) (as reported by dmesg).

Second, I have installed nas4free with 2 GB RAM but since I have upgraded the server to 8 GB RAM. dmesg reports "real memory = 8589934592 (8192 MB)"

Finally, the system is bare metal and is not within a VirtualBox VM. Again dmesg reports "acpi0: <HP ProLiant> on motherboard"

This is a completely minor and cosmetic bug, but it would be nice if it could be solve.
Anyway, pts rocks!

Perhaps you want to use sysctl -a for verifying the hardware:
hw.machine: amd64
hw.model: AMD Turion(tm) II Neo N40L Dual-Core Processor
hw.ncpu: 2
hw.byteorder: 1234
hw.physmem: 8429223936
hw.usermem: 8044617728