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Thread: Intel Has 20~30 Full-Time Linux Graphics Developers

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    Quote Originally Posted by varikonniemi View Post
    where is the results?
    What do you define as "results"? Windows parity? Well, for that you'll need to hire an additional 100 devs to match the size of the Windows team. Unless you can do that, you'll have to adjust your expectations. There's steady progress, if you look at the mailing list, tons of patches lately to implement geometry shaders, the last hurdle to opengl 3.2/3.3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by varikonniemi View Post
    i cannot do but wonder where is the results?
    Compare the stability and bugginess of the Intel Windows and Linux drivers. There's your results.

    Intel's Windows driver, despite the huge Windows team, is unstable crap, and many features it claims to support are in reality buggy. The Linux driver is quite stable and bug-free. It doesn't matter if the Windows driver claims GL 4.2 if it's buggy - it's the argument "it's faster, look how much faster it crashes!".

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