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What is the difference between Consort Desktop and MATE?
According to the Consort devs:

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Mate is based on 'dead technology' and a 'complete fork of GNOME2' yet 'incompatible with GNOME itself(!)'. Consort only forks the fallback parts.
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This is the problem with open source. Since you can't tell some idiots that they are wrong and users don't want their shit and tell them to do it right, you're only option is to either fork or start from scratch. It would be much better if the gnome 3 idiots would admit their mistake and fix it instead of maintaining so many forks, but we can't force them to fix the issues. So more wasted manpower.
Wasn't choice and freedom, which you are seeing here right now one of the 'main advantages' of open source? Besides, you don't HAVE to use the other forks. And about wasted manpower, dude look around in this society. I see people slaughtering other people based on religion/politics/ethnicity. At least these developers are not wasting their time in bothering other people. They are actually convinced they have a better alternative and do what they say, without needing other peoples consent. How does that bother you in any way? Perceived wasted manpower on other projects, the world does not revolve around you u know...