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Thread: GCW Zero: Another Linux Game Console Attempt

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAXI View Post
    Is also answered:
    Another thing that we are still working on is the OpenGL driver. Unfortunately, we will not be able to release this as open source. People who only want a fully open source system can simply leave out the OpenGL driver though; the 2D graphics system (Linux framebuffer) works fine without it.
    This is ultra-stupid.
    Its like saying "opensource console", yet its GFX system is proprietary and even wifi hardware needs a blobby driver.
    You could find a blob-free hardware.
    And what the problem with MESA?

    So now, by supporting the project, people will pay for closed source blob to wifi provider and to your closed source opengl provider/license issuer.
    Which is basically supporting closed source companies.

    By the way you were running closed-source games (no problem here, but you false advertised - "opensource games")

    Corrected this for developer:
    People who only want a fully open source system can simply leave out the project.

    With such attitude, its no different than Android projects and this will shift into fight with them. You killed one part of uniquess, compact size is still here.
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