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See above. I cringe every time I see an article implying that we invented DRM or are pushing it ourselves. I don't even like TALKING about DRM here for the same reason -- people start thinking it's our idea and we should "just say no". I wish it were that simple.
I agree with you there, the HW manufacturers are NOT to blame for doing what M$ tells them to, but regardless of the cause, the consumer is still the one getting the shaft.

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Most of our sales are to big OEMs. OEMs want Windows WHQL certification from Microsoft. WHQL certification requires DRM support. If we say "no thank you, we don't want to participate in your DRM ideas" then OEMs will just buy from someone else, and the biggest chunk of our market disappears. It's possible that there might be a retail market that would accept uncertified Windows drivers and all the hassles which go along with them, but realistically I think we would be talking about Linux-consumer-only products.
I've got another big market for you: Disenfranchised XP users. At my lan parties my friends who could afford them, are using high end NV/ATI DX9 series cards. If you'll look at the Steam Hardware Survey over 82% of people are using XP. Also notice that ATI is taking a HUGE beating on their current high-end vid cards. M$ had better be subsidizing AMD/ATI like crazy because nobody is buying their stuff.

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I can probably name a hundred people that I am friends with, or work with, or cooperate on open source projects with, who have substantially the same opinions and buying habits that I do, but I don't know if AMD has any process for learning about this subset of its customers.
Perhaps AMD could create a web form where a person could input serial #'s from AMD/ATI products that they own (to show that they are legit customers) and leave comments/suggestions. If you got the word out about that, I'm sure you'd discover a big section of your market that is being turned off by recent hw trends.