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The problem with GTK+ is has never been the license, but that its developers are hostile to other free software projects out there. GTK was taken over by people whose chief motivation has always been to kill any competing desktop.
Right... Then name who and when this take over took place. The current status hasnt changed for a decade or so; GTK is the only truly free option out there. Yeah theming and compability to shitty freetardware built on commercial toolkits (with occational evil takeovers) leave alot to be desired. But so what? If a bunch of idiot are confused enough to buy in to the "assign your freedom/copyright/mom to some random commercial entity" then there is nothing to about that.

Qt exists because of the dual license business (screwing over freedom).
GTK exists because a free toolkit wih a suitable API and focus on the linux desktop is needed.

BTW I suggest you go read LWN, they have a real nice featured article about CA and how stupid it is. And yes suggesting other free software users and developers to go sign such shitty anti-freedom contracts is just RUDE. Whats next? Do you recommend to go buy a device with IOS?

Or are you dreaming the "Kubuntu crack pipe dream"of a Qt-future where all Canonical apps are running on top? Let me summarize that for you;

Canonical App(CA)
Whatever kernel(Whatever commercial Qt focuses on)

That would be a so-called free software world where everything could be closed source by the command of a few business men. Grow some balls and a spine.