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Thread: What Linux Users Are Saying About GNOME In 2012 (Part 1)

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    Quote Originally Posted by funkSTAR View Post
    LOL. I highly doubt your story differs from the majority. It is so easy to fork, rant and hate in an unjust manner. When it comes to easy desktop file maanagement Nautilus 3.6 is so much more pleasant in day to day use.
    he said he didn't like the 3.6 version (and wished he could still use 3.4), i gave a recommendation for how to solve that problem. (you got a problem with that?)

    WTF are you talking about??? (note how i also mentioned that i use 3.6 - u slow, bro?)

    Quote Originally Posted by funkSTAR View Post
    Best part; It is entirely possible to USE Nautilus 3.6 and PRETEND you hate it on the forums. Of course the hate is dying rather quickly by now. The "fork batshit bataillion" is going nowhere and Ubuntu moved on.
    Again, WTF are you talking about (?), i like nautilus just fine (since i am using it). nor did i make some accusion that it is unusable, dummy. (that was whom i was responding to :\ ) I made nothing more than a minor critique of the removal of the toolbar code (note: not menubar code)... which i only make because part of the styling of my local theme, used to use the toolbar quite nicely.

    'the best part' is how silly you make yourself look by drawing conclusions that have no basis in reality, tard.

    Plus, i do don't need to sit here and hate on gnome in the forums, if i don't like how something looks or works, i either A) use something else or B) modify it to my liking. For example, I am not a big fan of the upstream version of gnome-system-monitor - it does not match my theme and looks like crap. So instead, i have my own version;

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