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Thread: AMD Releases New Radeon Code: A-Sync DMA Engines

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisr View Post
    This code is applicable to R600+ hardware! It's nice to see improvements being made for a very broad range of existing cards, rather than just the most recent generation or two.

    I wonder if there are any more such features waiting to be unlocked? (Apart from the UVD of course - we already know about that).

    Great start, becouse it's a start.

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    Default Heck yes.

    One more feature, one more commit to make the free drivers superior.

    It's getting better all the time!

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    Good. I'm eager to see new benchmarks too. Hopefully there is a solid increase in performance(well, probably nothing groundbreaking, but visible).
    Still, I hope power management, which personally is my main concern, has significant improvements too.

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