Bill Clinton: “Well obviously, if the expected results was that we would eliminate serious drug use in America and eliminate the narcotrafficking networks — it hasn’t worked.”

In the end the war on drugs will end and then the "Mafia" will lost there "power" .

The world need solutions not another pointless "War" against the freedom of the humans.

On the other hand these "war on drug" people are like hardcore-moslem in a holy war against freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom in general. And the funniest is: the hardcore-moslems also fight against "drugs" because in there believing system only "God" has the right to make you happy and not a "satanic" drug.

prohibitionist=hardcore-moslem there is no difference.

But yes #(Christian)prohibitionist/hardcore-moslem# have fun in fighting natural-human-behavior and the human right of: "freedom" for a pointless war until the end of humanity.

I'm sure in the end these stone-age belief systems #(Christian)prohibitionist/hardcore-moslem# will lost the war in the long run. Because in a modern world its to easy to educate yourself in the "Internet".

In the near future its impossible to stay that "Stupid"