I have two Nvidia Cards installing in my computer running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS . Installing the drivers was so easy thanks to the active ubuntu community. I use these cards only for CUDA computation.

I would like to purchase a HD 7970 6gb because the extra memory allows me greater flexibility for my computations. I will be installing the proprietary driver from the AMD website.

Also, I plan to use only Python OPEN CL to program on the HD 7970 card.

My question is "Is it possible to have a mix of the Geforce and the Radeon HD cards in my system. Also, will there be any conflict with the two proprietary drivers ?

I have the latest nvidia drivers installed and for the Radeon, I will be installing the AMD catalyst 12.10 driver.

Any help would be appreciated. Please let me know if you'd like more information to better help answer this question. Also, since this is my first time posting, also let me know if this question is better suited for another forum .